History of glassmaking

Glass production has existed in the region of Harrachov since 14th century.
The glassworks was built by Elias Müller in 1712 where today’s glass factory is situated. In 1827, 1862 and 1946 glass factory burnt down three times but was always rebuilt. Harrachov’s glass factory and glass have always belonged among world’s best. Using exceptional technologies when melting and hand made treating of products this glass factory has always excelled in its colours, design and extraordinary level of workmanlike processing. From 1763 to 1943 the glass factory was owned by noble line Harrachové.

After nationalization in 1945 it belonged to the state, but on 1 July 1993 the glass factory was bought by businessman – glass worker Judr. ;František Novosad from Nový Bor.
Especially hand-made production has been sustained that continues and respects rich traditions of this place and glass manufacture. Unique production of hand-shaped and decorated glass, crystal chandeliers and glass gift products is made in two furnaces.

Glass production is sustained as functional glass open-air museum with all attributes including historic glass grinding plant – the oldest in the world, powered by water turbine with original wooden frames. Because of these exceptional qualities the glass factory is the most visited building in broad surrounding nowadays.

The excursions to the factory
(glass production) and museum of glass take place everyday there. The area of glass factory also consists so called mansion where you can find newly built museum of glass with exhibits from the whole history of factory’s existence. You can also spend some time in a pleasant restaurant.

Since December 1997 there has been self-service glass shop, the first one in Czech republic.

Possibility of excursions in the hut with traditional handmade Historical Brusírna
In 2002 the brewery opened, addition directly to the steel lobby glassworks. Production of yeast beer, brewers restaurant overlooking the steel lobby. Another area attraction is beer bath